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This is a huge step you’ve taken and we are excited to be a part of this journey with you. If you are a new student about to begin your foot zone therapy training, please choose who you would like to be your instructor prior to registering. You will need your Student ID, provided by your instructor, to register. We have 34 amazing instructors in various locations who teach in person, as well as online. We believe that since this is your class, you should have the opportunity to choose who you would like to partner with and have as your life long mentor. If you need any help finding the right match, please feel free to reach out to Brad Noall, the school’s owner.

If you would like to see our instructor's profiles and bios, click on the button directly below.

We offer all We Do Feet Graduates the opportunity to be on our We Do Feet Seminars' Association Directory. This is a great marketing tool to build your clientele and let those looking for a foot zoner, know where you are located. One of the perks about being a member of our Association! This includes graduates who are out of state.

*The directory page will be live by 06/15/2023



Requirements to join We Do Feet Seminar's Foot Zone Association Include:

  • Completion of a We Do Feet Seminars' (WDFS) approved Foot Zone Therapy Training Course

  • Have a zero balance or have a signed payment plan in place towards your student tuition and book fee

  • Minimum of 80 hours of training

  • Minimum of 50 hours of hands on training (foot zones must be documented)

  • Passed the WDFS Certification Exam: Practical and Written

  • Read, Agree, and Sign all legal documents and disclosures (all forms will be included in the registration process)

  • Initial Registration Fee and 3 year membership costs of $25 due at checkout. Membership costs $15 every 3 years to renew.

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We believe that every family or individual should have the tools needed to help themselves and those they love in times of need, sickness, and/or emotional duress. Our values are rooted in light and love so that all who work with us may know that we have the training, skills, and wisdom to make a difference in life...


"We act out of faith, knowledge, and belief in all that we do."

-Brad Noall


Continued Education Opportunities

Remember, part of being a We Do Feet Seminars' Graduate means you now qualify for free continued education for life. This means you can attend any of your original instructor's or Brad Noall's classes whenever you need a refresher. If you would like to learn from any of our other 37 amazing instructors, the price is $50 per day. Instructors have the right to ask auditing/returning graduates to attend at a later time if space is limited. That being said, reach out to them and ask! We love having our graduates return!

Refresh, Renew, and Reconnect Class

  • Has it been a while and you've miss new signals or curriculum updates?

  • Are you craving hands-on training?

  • Do you need a boost or refresher on the zone, but don't have 9 months to retake the class?

If you said yes to any of the above, then it's time for you to take our 2 day Refresh, Renew, and Reconnect Class. Each year, the majority of our instructors offer one of these classes. Prices vary from $75-$300 depending upon content, time, and guest speakers. All We Do Feet Students are allowed to attend regardless of who their original instructor was. Please feel free to message any of our instructors to register for their classes. Over the year, we will update this page to show a calendar of any RRR classes being taught.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this membership allow me to legally Foot Zone in other states?

No. Any We Do Feet Graduate may join the association. However, it was created with the sole purpose of adhering to the State of Utah requirements that all Foot Zone Therapists must be a member of a recognized association. For those out of state, pease check with your own state requirements for Foot Zoning.

Other Association memberships charge an annual subscription fee. Do I have to renew this membership annually?

Nope! We charge an initial fee of $25 for a three year membership. Our goal is to keep all fees at a minimal cost. Your $25 goes towards state and website fees, and to compensate those who monitor and regulate the association. The renewal fee is $15 every 3 years to ensure you're up to date on legal practices and the association directory.

Can I join your Association if I am not a We Do Feet Graduate?

Wow! What a compliment. Thank you for your interest! We hold our students to a very high standard and ask that all abide by our Code of Ethics. We are sure you are an amazing foot zoner! However, we are only comfortable admitting those taught by a current We Do Feet Instructor into our Association.

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